Having found myself in my early Fifties (yikes!), children, two fab girls, 16 and 13, now at senior school, past successful City career long since history, husband having a mid life crisis and launching a new career, I’m wondering who I am, what I like to do and what I really want to be when I grow up. ¬†I’ve set this site up to try and work out what makes me tick……it would be lovely if you wanted to join me on my journey

So what do I do now……I spend my time looking after home and kids obvs, ¬†working part time for N&D doing his bookkeeping, accounting, admin and back office, tiny bits of HR consulting work for friends and former colleagues as they crop up, helping out as treasurer on school PTA, volunteering for our local Samaritans branch, a couple of trips to the gym a week and squeezing in as many coffees with an amazing array of girlfriends as is possible – this keeps me (and some of them) out of therapy

So what am I going to do on this blog…..I guess I’ll find out over time what really happens but my idea right now is to post recipe ideas, links to good articles I read, reviews of books, movies, parenting issues, fashion thoughts, interior design tips, basically anything that occurs to me that I think may be of interest to one or two others out there

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