Easily the best present…ever

From my 13 year old….a hamper of home made goodies.

She actually made 6 of these for various members of the family – each tailored with a different selection of goodies.

Mine contained:

Fridge cake (a family recipe of chocolate, golden syrup, butter, digestive biscuits and fudge)

Spiced Nuts

Gingerbread spiced Nuts

Baileys cheesecake truffles

Cheese straws

Chocolate and orange cantuccini biscuits

I’ll try and get hold of the recipes she used as they are all delish and great gift ideas.  She also bought boxes, lined them with shredded tissue paper and hand printed notes for each box with details of the contents and best before dates.  Some of the items she had put in cellophane bags and some she had sourced different shape and size jars for.  Each item had an individual hand written labelled.

It was no mean feat and she’d put together a file of her recipes, spreadsheet of who was getting which gift and a timetable setting out which days she was cooking which item.  Pleased to now have free access to the kitchen again, but very proud of such a clever and generous daughter.



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