A geriatric mother….so what’s in a name?

I’d agonised about setting up a blog for ages and kept putting it off for a variety of excuses – I didn’t have time, I didn’t know how to set up a site, I couldn’t think of a name, I couldn’t decide on fonts and pictures, who would want to read it and so on and so on and I eventually took the bull by the horns and figured that I just needed to get started – not to dwell on the minute details, as whatever I decide now I will want to change at some stage  in the future.

So the name….it’s not very catchy, or very flattering, but the words ‘geriatric mother’ written in black marker pen across my medical records when excitedly pregnant with my eldest daughter, have always stuck in my mind.  And of all the things I’ve been lucky enough to do, see and experience, being a mother is undoubtedly the BEST thing ever for me, so that’s what I am – a geriatric mother!

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